A Note on Content

Banished By The King Productions is committed to creating new content and experiences for actors and audiences alike. With that in mind, we want to create an environment in which growth can occur through challenging everyone involved. We also don’t want to spoil anyone’s experience of a new work that may engage, invite debate and conversation, and ultimately promote understanding. We are conscious of not giving too much away when we promote our new works in order to facilitate these unexpected, unknown, and challenging moments that encourage discussion within yourself or with other audience members.

However, we’re also conscious of our duty to let audiences know about any potentially triggering moments in our original work. If you’re interested in reading any of our upcoming works trigger warnings, they are contained below. If there are certain themes or events that you know would cause you extreme distress, disturbance, or discomfort and you’d like to speak to one of the Banished to find out more about a show before you purchase tickets, you can email us at banishedbytheking@gmail.com.