Civil Dawn

Written by Patrick Brennan

Buried in the sands of time, a long forgotten stone carving, the story of the first gathering of humans uncovered, their working together in the very first village, the trials and tribulations of the Paleolithic Age, come and experience our very own…CIVIL DAWN.

Originally performed at Procunier Hall at The Palace Theatre in London, Ontario, April 18th-April 27th, 2024.

Andrew Dodd – Smjor
Dylan Rock – Lurpak
Ryan Starkweather – Tillamook
Sue Harrington – Plugra
Patrick Hoffer – Amul
Rachel Sherret – Altadena
Jessica Pereira – Copha
Nicole McTeer – Oselka
Pat Ronzio – The Voice of the Old Ones

Directed By Patrick Brennan
Produced By Sean Brennan
Stage Manager: Andrew Dodd
Assistant Stage Manager: Don Millar
Lighting Design: Mark Mooney
Sound Design: David Bogaert
Makeup Design: Rae Tenkate


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