Lady Penton’s Fiery Sword Staged Reading

Lady Penton’s Fiery Sword Staged Reading

Lady Penton's Fiery Sword Staged Reading

Written by Brian Speagle

A live staged reading of Lady Penton’s Fiery Sword. A wounded army war veteran is caught up in a plot to cause chaos in England during its war with Napoleon’s France. He is surrounded by murder and intrigue, but finds a way out. Others are not so fortunate! Set in London, England in 1800, Lady Penton’s Fiery Sword raises questions that are still relevant in our time.

A Co-Production between Scooter Productions, Banished By The King Productions and The Palace Theatre Arts Commons.

Originally performed at Procunier Hall, Palace Theatre in London, Ontario, November 29th 2021.


Demis Odanga – James Hadfield
Natalie Hleba – Lady Juliana Penton
Melony Menard – Caroline Beckwith
Dan Curtis – Sir Charles Cameron
Angelina FosterdelMundo – Lady Teresa Penton
Diegra Kambamba – Mr. Pennoyer/Sargeant Shields/Duke of Norfolk
Alex Pinter – Monsignor Gioberti/Thomas Erskine/Japheth Prime
Sean Brennan – Narrator

Directed By Brian Speagle

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