Rat King Filmed Staged Reading

Written by Sean Brennan

February 2018 – it is Jimmy’s birthday. Everyone is there to celebrate since Jimmy was involved in a car crash the previous fall. Jimmy’s brother, Chris, has come home to take care of him and in doing so, has given up on his own plans for life. As the evening unfolds, it becomes apparent that previous to his accident Jimmy was involved in some strange and shady dealings as old friends, associates, and a stranger crash a birthday party held for a guy who can’t remember it’s his birthday.

Originally performed and filmed at The Palace Theatre in London, Ontario, September 26th 2020.


Taylor Bogaert  – Chris
Patrick Brennan – Jimmy
Phil Cal – Dave
Jesslyn Hodgson – Nellie
Melissa Metler – Julie
Andrew Dodd – Gary
George Hamzo – Lenny
Brian Whitwham – Bergman

Directed By Dan Curtis

Filmed by Antonio Martinez & Josh Redgrift


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