The Creetin Conundrum Rehearsed Staged Reading

Written by Patrick Brennan

Welcome back to Creetinbridge! With looming world disasters, what threatens the Creetin Family canning business most? The rise of fascism? A rival competitor? Or the Creetins themselves?

Co-Production with Palace Theatre Arts Commons. Originally performed at The Palace Theatre in London, Ontario, August 22nd 2021.

Sean Brennan – Frederic
Raven Mullan – Gloria
Jayden Rogers – Bertrand
Taylor Bogaert – Nigel
Patrick Brennan – Reginald
Jennifer Bishop – Victoria
George Hamzo – Raul
Amanda Brennan – Ginger
Pat Ronzio – Archibald
Jesslyn Hodgson – Gwendolyn

Directed By Dan Curtis

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