Civil Dawn Rehearsed Staged Reading

Written by Patrick Brennan

Buried in the sands of time, a long forgotten stone carving, the story of the first gathering of humans uncovered, their working together in the very first village, the trials and tribulations of the Paleolithic Age, come and experience our very own…CIVIL DAWN.

Co-Production with Palace Theatre Arts Commons. Originally performed at The Palace Theatre in London, Ontario, August 20th 2021.

Jesslyn Hodgson – Dr. Hekla Hodgsdottir
George Hamzo – Smjor
Taylor Bogaert – Lurpak
Jayden Rogers – Tillamook
Jennifer Bishop – Plugra
Pat Ronzio – Amul
Amanda Brennan – Altadena
Melissa Metler – Copha
Raven Mullan – Oselka

Directed By Patrick Brennan

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